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Your product title is one of the biggest factors of how high your product ranks on eBay.
With the ZIK Analytics eBay Title Builder, you can create SEO optimized titles in less than a minute.

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Access the best keyword data for your listings

Discover the best keywords for your product titles. Get ideas and inspiration with keyword data from AliExpress and 9 different eBay marketplace locations. Find the best long-tail and generic keywords to optimize your product listings, and understand the deeper motivations of your buyers for your products.

Optimize your product listings in a few clicks

When you're selling lots of products, you need to build titles quickly.With the Title Builder, you can combine long-tail and generic keywords into the perfect title simply by clicking on them.

Fill your title up to eBay's 80 character limit,then with one click,copy your title to your clipboard and onto your product lisiting.

Rank your products higher than your competitors

Outranking your competitors on eBay isn’t just about choosing the most searched keywords, it’s about finding keywords that give you a competitive edge. The Title Builder provides long-tail and generic keyword suggestions based on the number of searches, competitors, and sales so you can balance keyword demand with competitiveness, and build unique titles that bring buyers instead of window shoppers.

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